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User Agreement:

This Agreement details the terms and conditions that you are required to use in order to use our services. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please read this User Agreement and Privacy Statement carefully before submitting your message to LAB GAGES Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “LAB GAGES”). Once you submit a message, you have read, agreed to and accept all terms and conditions contained in this User Agreement and Privacy Statement. If we make any changes to this statement, we will post a notice of the change on the LAB GAGES website, and all the contents of the agreement will automatically take effect after the date of publication. .

1. User qualification:

The user must be a company or individual who is able to enter into a legally binding contract under applicable law. If you are not eligible, please do not use our services. It is forbidden to submit bad or illegal speech.

2. Fill in the information:

In order to ensure the normal operation of the business, users should provide real and effective personal information. If there is any change in the personal data, the company must be notified in time. The user agrees to receive emails and information from LAB GAGES or LAB GAGES' partners.

3, privacy:

LAB GAGES has a privacy statement that applies to all users and is included in the user agreement. You should read and accept the Privacy Statement when you leave a message to the LAB GAGES website, and you will continue to be bound by its provisions (and any revisions made by LAB GAGES to the Privacy Statement) as a user of LAB GAGES.

(1) Personal data, real name, address, e-mail address and contact telephone number and other user information. LAB GAGES will not use your data for other purposes without your consent.

(2) Use non-personal information. Quantitative will collect non-personalized information through your IP address, including the nature of your browser, the type of operating system, the domain name of the ISP that provides access to you, etc., to optimize the pages displayed on your computer screen. By collecting the above information, we also conduct traffic statistics to improve the management and service of the website.

(3) Personal data security. Quantitative security uses a secure server to protect your personal data.

(4) Disclosure of personal data and restricted use. When a state agency requires disclosure of personal data in accordance with legal procedures, LAB GAGES will provide personal data at the request of law enforcement agencies or for public safety purposes. Any content disclosed in this case, LAB GAGES does not assume any responsibility. Quantitative use of personal data outside the necessary scope when the following conditions are met: Your consent has been obtained; the corresponding laws and procedures require the site to provide the user's personal data.


Note: By the way, if you are mind of any agreement of use, please inquire us online or call us directly.

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