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Mechanical properties nondestructive testing of Car Body Parts

Nondestructive determining quantitative values of hardness, tensile strength (Rm), elastic limit (Rp0.2), fracture elongation (A50) and uniform elongation (Ag) of the PHS car body parts and material, by 3MA technique for quality assurance and process monitoring in PHS production


Hexagon articulated arms provide a wide range of measurement applications for automobiles

Hexagon's expertise spans every aspect of automotive manufacturing, from design and development, mold making, fixtures, process control to measurement and quality control, including automotive body, powertrain, chassis, interiors, etc.


Mechanical characteristics of Anti-wear protection and functional coatings

In automotive weight reduction – and the associated fuel savings – are top priority, which is why lightweight materials such as aluminum are used. In order to withstand mechanical stresses, precise determination of the mechanical characteristics of thin anodized coatings must be made to estimate wear resistantance.


Non-destructive measurement of CDP coatings inside hollow car body parts

In the automotive industry, the anti-rust warranty has become an important hallmark of car quality. Particularly in hard-to-reach areas such as the cross beams and pillars of the steel car body, specified tolerances for CDP coating thicknesses must be ensured, because in these areas, corrosion can proceed long undetected.


How to measure Duplex Anti-corrosion Coatings non-destructively in Automotive?

The PHASCOPE PMP10 DUPLEX, together with the ESG20 probe, was developed especially to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. Its three different measurement methods make it possible to measure lacquer coatings precisely, in one operation, whether on galvanized steel or on aluminum.

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