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CMM Application Training

On the one hand, due to the demanding measurement requirements, fast and reliable measuring equipment is needed to match it. On the other hand, due to the rapid development of technology, the technical basis of the coordinate measuring machine is provided. The three-coordinate measuring instrument emerges as the times require and is widely used in mechanical manufacturing Industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, aerospace industry and other fields, and become an indispensable universal equipment for modern industrial inspection and quality control.
Super size CMM Wide range of Coordinate Measuring Machines
High precision CMM
Bridge type CMM
Special CMM for car body measurement

CMM Measurement function

√ Measurement of geometric elements, including points, lines, faces, circles, spheres, cylinders, cones, etc.
√ Measure high-precision geometric parts and surfaces;
√ Measuring mechanical parts of complex shapes;
√ Detecting freeform surfaces;
√ Continuous scanning is available with contact or non-contact probes.

CMM Technical Application Training's Features:

1.Precision triangular beam, compact structure with the highest rigidity ratio;
2.The integrated dovetail rail, three-sided closed loop, provides the most stable structure in the industry;
3.All-aluminum frame, the body weight is small, stable operation;
4.The remote motor reduces the influence of motor heating on the accuracy of the measuring machine;
5.German HEIDENHAIN grating, fixed at one end and elastically connected at the other end, ensures the linear change of the grating with temperature;
6.The new DC control system, modular design provides a better motion control mode;

Labgages sells Hexagon's three-coordinate and articulated arm equipment, as well as technical support and training services to improve the measurement skills and measurement machine maintenance capabilities of the measuring machine operator. Whether you are an operator or a manager, a design developer or a decision maker, we can help you with new challenges.
Face-to-face technical application training of CMM
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