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Laser calibration

Calibration is the basis of process control.
Laser interferometry provides the most accurate and repeatable calibration method.
API laser interferometer Interferometry is a measure of relative motion (measured from the initial position), not an absolute measurement (measured from a specific location). Different optics pass the laser beam through different paths, allowing multiple modes of measurement from a single laser device (eg linearity, angle, straightness).

The light waves emitted by the laser system have three main characteristics:

? Accurate wavelengths are known for accurate measurements
?The wavelength is very short. Accurate or high resolution measurement
? All light waves have the same phase and can be measured against known references

API laser interferometer

1D laser can mainly measure positioning error and repeat positioning accuracy
3D laser can measure positioning error and straightness error (two-way)
5D/6D laser can measure positioning error, straightness error (bidirectional), yaw angle, pitch angle and roll angle
In the case of a wireless remote sensor, the longest measuring distance is up to 45 meters (80 meters optional).
It can measure parameters such as speed, acceleration, vibration, etc., and evaluate the dynamic characteristics of the machine.
The measurement speed is greater than 4 m / sec.

What makes the XD laser interferometer special:

● 6 parameters can be measured in one installation
● Wireless communication system
● Highly integrated design creates unparalleled portability
● Ethernet connection
● Automatic real-time ambient temperature compensation
● Self-contained humidity sensor
● Real-time data display
● Quick installation and commissioning
● Compact laser head design

Application of API laser interferometer Onsite Industrial application of laser interferometer

LAB Gages Co., Ltd. specializes in the United States API laser interferometer, laser tracker, ball bar and other equipment. We can provide related tests and laser calibration services. Customers who are interested can call our company, 021-50473900.
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XD laser interferometer

API XD laser interferometer can measure six parameters including positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy, straightness and angle. For the calibration and calibration of CNC machine tools and three-coordinate measuring machines. The test usually takes several days to perform, and it only takes a few hours to use the API laser interferometer. Practical application results show that time can be saved up to 80%.

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