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Standard Instrument Service

LAB GAGES Co., Ltd. has partners from many regions such as the United Kingdom, Germany and USA. With a full range of product resources and services, we are always committed to solving the ever-changing technical challenges in measurement analysis for customers, optimizing measurement methods and selecting instruments and equipment. Provide customized system solutions that are suitable for users, and help enterprises to develop well.

We provide systematic training for the technical workers dispatched by customers in order to better meet the technical needs of the project. After the technical engineers have completed the relevant practical operation training, the related specialists will visit again from time to time to find out the using status of the equipment and the customer's experience, so as to ensure the orderly operation of the instrument and project production.

LAB GAGES provides the following related equipment services:

Equipment service content: Principle training Equipment Services: Measurement/Test System Training Instrument service content: Equipment knowledge training
Equipment Principle Training System training Instrument knowledge training
Equipment service content: Instrument core component training Technical service content: Operation skills training Equipment service content: Installation and commissioning
Key training of important components Operation skills training Installation training
Equipment service content: troubleshooting Instrument service content: Equipment maintenance requirements training Instrument service content: replacement and installation of accessories
Troubleshooting training Maintenance common sense training Accessories installation training

We support and service your measuring equipment or testing instrument throughout its life cycle, from installation, preventive maintenance and calibration to equipment repair.

Examples display of the product and service of LAB GAGES:

1. Surface Roughness Tester of Taylor Hobson brand

LAB GAGES is the long-term agent of SURTRONIC series portable roughness tester of Taylor Hopson made in the United Kingdom, and LAB GAGES is its general agent in China.

Surtronic DUO Roughness TesterSURTRONIC DUO Surtronic S100 Series Roughness TesterSURTRONIC S116 & S128

Service type: Sales, equipment training, equipment maintenance, second-hand recycling of complete instruments and accessories ...

2. German Fraunhofer IZFP non-destructive measuring devices for depth of hardened layer, multifunctional micro-magnetic testing systems

3MA Multifunctional Micro-Magnetic Testing SystemMultifunctional micro-magnetic measurement systems P3123 Hardened layer depth non-destructive measuring instrumentNon-destructive hardening layer depth testing instruments

Service Type: Developing of early solutions, equipment sales, after-sales training, equipment maintenance, etc.

3. 3D scanner

three-dimensional scanner3D scanner 3D Scanning service for airplane geometric measuring3D Service example: 3D scanning measurement and reverse engineering
Service Type: Sales of equipment and accessories, post-training, and maintenance of equipment.


Our company can currently provide related services such as pre-sales consultation to after-sales maintenance of equipment during sale, and can also customize suitable solutions for you. If you want to learn more about equipment services, please call us for more information: 021-50473900. Or click on our company Product Details Pages。
Recommended products

SHD Inspection System

Mobile SHD inspection system for the nondestructive inspection of the surface hardening depth in inductively hardened components by ultrasound backscattering. An extremely fast and repeatable way to optimize induction process parameters such as heating cycles, frequencies and coil and quench design result.


3MA Inspection of Press Hardening Parts

To inspect mechnical properties nondestructively such as Tensile Strength Rm, Yield Strength Rp0.2, Alongation, Hardness, Coating thickness of press-hardened body parts, 3MA inspection technology is an instrumental and methodical combination of four micromagnetic inspection methods.


PRINCE775 Dual Color Laser Handheld 3D Scanner

The PRINCE series handheld dual-color laser 3D scanner uses the waveband depth-of-field technology, which overturns the traditional handheld 3D scanner's working mode, and the dual-mode mode can easily meet various application scenarios.


3MA-SOM steel online monitoring system

3MA-SOM Steel Online-Monitoring System is the comprehensive online non-destructive testing solution accounting for all parameters of interest. For example, Yield Strength, Tensile Strength, Alongtion, Hardness, instead of measured in the laboratory at randomly taken samples.


Surtronic DUO Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

Taylor Hobson Surtronic DUO Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument is portable and separable, used for for measuring multiple surface roughness parameters, such as Ra, Rz, Rp, Rv and Rt.

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