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XD laser interferometer

API XD laser interferometer can measure six parameters including positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy, straightness and angle. For the calibration and calibration of CNC machine tools and three-coordinate measuring machines. The test usually takes several days to perform, and it only takes a few hours to use the API laser interferometer. Practical application results show that time can be saved up to 80%.

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XD Laser interferometer

1D laser Mainly can measure positioning error and repeat positioning accuracy
3D laser Can measure positioning error and straightness error (two-way)
5D/6D laser Can measure positioning error, straightness error (bidirectional), yaw angle, pitch angle, and roll angle
When wireless remote sensor is selected, the measurement distance can be up to 45 meters (80 meters optional).
It can measure parameters such as speed, acceleration and vibration, and evaluate the dynamic characteristics of the machine.
Compact design and small size, no tripod required when measuring machine tools. Integrated interferometer and laser in one, simplifies adjustment steps and reduces adjustment time
5D / 6D laser interferometer is a unique product of API. It can measure six errors of linear axis at the same time in one installation, including 1 position error, 2 straightness error, 3 angle error. Under normal circumstances, it takes several days to perform the test, and the API laser interferometer can be used for only a few hours. The actual application results show that the time can be saved up to 80%. The instrument is small in size and light in weight, and can be directly mounted on the machine tool rail.
The measuring instrument is equipped with an automatic air pressure and ambient temperature compensator, which automatically corrects the impact of environmental changes on laser wavelength and length measurement. The measuring instrument is also equipped with a specially designed multiple digital filters to reduce measurement errors caused by air fluctuations and temperature gradients to very small. 

Accurate data collection

Real-time error measurement ensures the correctness of data collection and high-precision error analysis; automatic data collection technology simplifies the data collection process.

Instrument traceability

All parameters (linearity, straightness, angle) of API company XD series laser interferometer are traced to national and international standards. These precisions have been tested by the National Institute of Standards (NIST), China Institute of Metrology, and German PTB.
XD laser for Instrument traceability

Continuous production and zero-fault scenarios

In order to avoid sudden shutdowns and production stops, API companies provide a complete measurement solution for modern machining shops, which is a zero-fault solution.
For a long time, workshop managers have been using 1D laser measurement systems to draw machine tool error maps and perform calibration. So if you want to measure the complete 21 parameters, you need to perform 21 to 24 separate installation and debugging, and each measurement of each axis takes 1-2 hours, so the measurement process of the entire machine usually takes two to three Within one working day, this caused the machine to be stopped for a long time, which seriously affected the profitability and production capacity of the workshop. Using the API company XD Laser laser interferometer completely avoids the above defects, making the measurement of the machine tool fast and simple.
XD laser for Continuous production

Composition of XD Laser interferometer

XD Laser interferometer is improved on the basis of LMS laser interferometer. Integrate the control box into the laser and change the original wired data transmission to wireless data transmission. Therefore, the XD Laser interferometer is composed of a laser head, a sensor, a weather station, a notebook computer and a cable connecting the entire system.
Composition of XD Laser interferometer

Easy to carry and operate

The complete system weighs only 15 kg and can fit into a small tool box. Due to its compact design, the XD Laser is small and does not require a tripod when measuring machine tools. The measurement datum is consistent with the machining datum of the machine tool, and the measurement procedure is simplified (no need to remove the machine cover). The integrated interferometer and laser are integrated, which simplifies the adjustment steps, reduces the adjustment time, and improves the efficiency of the machine tool.
XD laser is easy to use

Specific applications of the XL Laser laser interferometer

1. When measuring in different axial directions, the laser does not need to be reassembled, just insert a 90-degree reflector (see Figures 1, 2 and 3), making the measurement process easier.
2. When measuring the perpendicularity between the coordinate axes, only a pentagonal prism is required to replace the 90-degree reflector (see Figures 5 and 6).
3. The device can also conveniently measure the parallelism of the machine tool guide rails, the flatness of the flat plate, the angle of the rotary table and the diagonal measurement (see Figures 4, 7, 8, 9).
4. XD Laser interferometer is used in conjunction with the goniometer (see Figure 10).

XD laser interferometer is special

? 6 parameters can be measured in one installation
? Wireless communication system
? Highly integrated design for unparalleled portability
? Ethernet connection
? Automatic real-time ambient temperature compensation
? Built-in humidity sensor
? Real-time data display
? Quick installation and commissioning
? Compact laser head design
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XD laser interferometer

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