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XL Vu VideoProbe Industrial Video Endoscope

XL Vu VideoProbe comes from GE Sensing and Inspection Technology, which will meet all remote video inspection needs.

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XL Vu Industrial Video Endoscope The system combines portability, ruggedness and high performance, perfectly displaying sharp and clear inspection images, which can meet the high requirements of inspection work in various industrial applications; clear images can accurately detect small defects. The rugged camera protective housing can be used in a variety of harsh detection environments. The system integrates a camera and an LCD display, without cumbersome connection accessories, easy to operate, and has better resolution than fiber optic mirrors. Take it out of the storage box, turn on the power, and start testing easily.


Gathering Features

1) Intuitive, easy-to-use operation
2) All-Way omnidirectional guidance driven by servo motor
3) Support Chinese and English input of external keyboard
4) Time-lapse exposure, 5x digital zoom, Inverse + (negative film), image reversal function
5) Support probe over temperature alarm function
6) Add optional dual objective lens measurement function
7) 2 hours or 4 hours lithium battery
8) 4GB memory
9) 2 USB ports, VGA video output
10) Interchangeable double-threaded optical objective lens conversion head
11) Customized shipping and storage chassis
12) Vector illustration with orientation

Two power modes are available
Image Quality
The AC version of the XL Vu can be plugged into a nearby AC outlet, and the battery version of the XL Vu can be powered by a lithium battery with a long standby time. Without a bulky chassis, the XL Vu video probe system weighs just 1.77 kg (3.9 lbs), making it easier than ever for inspectors to operate and reach anywhere easily.

XL Vu uses bright LED lighting to provide good picture quality, and can save clear and accurate still images and dynamic videos to internal memory or removable USB ThumbDrive.

Systems and accessories
The packaging of the XL Vu VideoProbe system is a lightweight and convenient portable case that integrates transportation and storage. This box provides reliable protection and can also be used as a platform for assembly.

Application area

■ Aerospace
■ Security
■ Manufacturing
■ Steel

■ Energy
■ Oil and gas
■ Environment (municipal, maintenance company)

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