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XLG3 VideoProbe Handheld industrial video endoscope system

As a leader in innovative technologies and applications for industrial endoscopes (RVI), the highly efficient inspection tool GE has introduced the revolutionary video endoscope product, the XLG3 VideoProbe system. Wehring XLG3 series industrial endoscope system is the world's innovative indirect visual inspection (RVI) tool. Its inspection capability has been comprehensively improved, and the operating efficiency has also been improved.

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XLG3, Contains many advanced technical features, can provide all the functions required for endoscopic inspection work, allowing users to quickly, efficiently and accurately check and make decisions.

For example, QuickChange technology, which can quickly and independently replace video endoscopes, enables the XLG3 system's handset to be configured with video diameter endoscopes of different diameters, lengths, and functions and can be quickly replaced to meet different endoscopic inspection requirements. The direct broadband Internet access function enables the XLG3 system to achieve real-time network communication during the endoscopic inspection process.


■ Three-dimensional stereo measurement (optional)
■ Built-in tool channel probe and various tool hands (optional)
■ High-brightness and high-resolution LCD display with high-intensity illumination to capture sharp and clear images
■ Portable remote control for transportation and operation (optional)
■ Powerful computing platform for data management and networking with the world

QuickChange Video Endoscope Probe
The XLG3 system uses a replaceable QuickChange video endoscope probe, which can quickly reset the probe diameter and length to achieve high detection efficiency. The probe diameter includes 3.9mm, 5.0mm, 6.1mm, 6.2mm, 8.4mm, and has the following characteristics to make it more durable:
■ Titanium housing camera, 8 times stronger than old products
■ Guide joint with laser welding
■ 6.1mm, 6.2mm and 8.4mm probes are made of double-layer tungsten wire, which is more resistant to pressure

The host system is not only a portable inspection data management workstation, but also an integrated light source and reel for storing video probes. The system has the following characteristics:
■ 2.7GB (standard) built-in CompactFlash® flash memory card
■ 3 USB 2.0 ports
■ 10/100 Ethernet port for PC connection
■ Optional battery / UPS pack, duration is two hours
■ One CompactFlash card slot for memory card
■ NTSC / PAL video format options, user-definable
■ Optional built-in Wi-Fi card

3D phase measurement technology
The three-dimensional phase measurement method is a breakthrough measurement technology in the aerospace and other important detection equipment applications. This measurement technology uses the same lens for observation and measurement, eliminating the need to change lenses and relocate defects, thus saving time and improving inspection efficiency. The GE XLG3 system with a three-dimensional phase measurement method brings the application of industrial endoscopes to a new field.
The three-dimensional phase measurement method scans the surface of the detected area to provide a cross-sectional view, that is, the cross-section of the detection object. The shape and characteristics of defects become clearer, and inspectors can make better judgments about asset availability.

The 3D phase measurement probe and lens can be installed on the existing GE XLG3 main unit. Therefore, if you have already purchased the main unit, you can choose to purchase the probe and lens separately for upgrade or purchase a whole system.

Section view Profile of depth measurement Grayscale image of crack point cloud on turbine page Chromaticity map of crack point cloud on turbine page Length measurement
Point-to-line distance measurement Depth measurement Area measurement Multi-segment length measurement Turbine blade and brake clearance measurement
Application area
Aerospace characteristics:
1) Interchangeable Video Endoscope Probe and Multi-Video Endoscope Probe Kit
2) Bright, sharp images make detecting defects faster
3) Accurate 3D phase, stereo and shadow measurement systems
4) Remote online diagnosis
5) Portable design and UPS battery pack suitable for field use

Petrochemical field

Characteristics of petrochemical industry:

1) Intuitive and simple operation
2) High-resolution, wide-screen VGA LCD display
3) Integrated design and good portability
4) It can be started and run quickly

Power field
General technical characteristics in the power sector

1) Compact portable chassis design
2) Double lighting output enhances visibility in large spaces
3) Optional UPS battery with 2 hours capacity
4) Durable, portable, suitable for harsh environments
5) The effective working length of the video probe is optional from 2 meters to 30.5 meters

General technical characteristics in the automotive field

1) Excellent guidance function of video endoscope
2) Can be operated with the car's 12V DC battery
3) Can communicate through the factory's LAN

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