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Trimos V3 Digital Altimeter

The V3 series altimeter can adapt to the harsh use environment of the workshop and is all manufactured in Switzerland, which can ensure the product's sturdiness, accuracy and reliability for a long time.

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Sales Manager: Mr Li
Cell Phone:18621180929
Email: Tim@labgaegs.com
Working time: 09:00-17:45
As an entry-level measuring instrument of Trimos, the V3 type altimeter is a solid weapon for enterprise development. A powerful and easy-to-operate instrument with all functions for the workshop field service.
■Measuring range 400 / 700mm
■Easy and fast operation
■Continuously adjustable probe force
■Fully charged time: 40h (lithium battery)
■Optional 300mm long probe
■Multiple accessories available
■User-friendly design, no tools needed for force adjustment
■RS232 & USB dual interface output

The standard configuration
1) Instrument host
2) Power adapter (TA-EL-132)
3) Φ4 mm ruby probe (TA-MI-101)
4) Setting rules (TA-MG-104)
5) V3: Quick Guide (750 50 0046 03)
6) V4: User Manual (750 50 0045 03)
7) Calibration certificate

Order number

700 110 10 03
Measuring range 400mm
700 110 20 03
Measuring range 700mm

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