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Talyrond 131C Efficient Cylindricity Measuring Instrument

Talyrond 131C is an economical roundness cylindricality measurement system. Both the lateral arm axis and longitudinal arm axis have automatic control capabilities.

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Talyrond 131c It is an economical roundness and cylindricality measurement system. Both the horizontal arm and the longitudinal arm axis have automatic control capabilities. The system uses an air bearing spindle with centering and leveling capabilities and is fixed on a cast iron base. It has a small footprint and is suitable for laboratory or workshop measurement needs.
Taylor Hopson's Ultra software allows users to create programs that provide the same user interface as other Taylor Hopson roundness series, which is ideal for multi-component measurement needs and reduces unnecessary training costs.

◆High-precision bearing spindle, accurate range of roundness +/- 0.02um
◆Talymin 5 sensor mechanism has a range of 2mm
◆CNC-operated electric boom and spindle
◆Quick manual centering and leveling capabilities
◆Ultra roundness software for Windows, measuring capability in compliance with national and international standards

Ultra Software
The key purpose of all Ultra's feature development is to meet very high metrological standards. The software is sensitive, comprehensive and easy to use, which fully reflects Taylor Hobson's strong metrology expertise in supporting manufacturing.
Overall system control
Ultra controls all functions to avoid conflicts in hardware / software issues usually caused by third-party or aftermarket software packages. The software uses special software programs and special calibration techniques to optimize mechanical performance.
Mechanical function: positioning and speed of all axis movements.
Management functions: user preferences, data storage and retrieval.
Analysis functions: application of filters and constants, calculation of results
Display functions: screen graphics, custom templates, print instructions
Ultra is fully compatible with older data file formats, so older data can be reanalyzed and compared. Ultra is also programmable and can be achieved simply by exporting the results to a standard software package.
In line with international standards
Regardless of where you measure any parameter anywhere in the world, Ultra also complies with industry metrology standards implemented by leading global manufacturers.
■Calibration procedures can be easily integrated into corporate ISO 9001 procedures.
■Identification of the standard used for calibration and date of certification
■Automatically stores calibration history for operators, standards, and dates
■Independently save and easily restore calibration pages for various styli
Industry-leading interface
Although written with the familiar Windows conventions, Ultra looks and feels more like a machine interface. Commands are direct, clear, and driven by intuitive logic. Computers are the bridge rather than the obstacle between the operator and the instrument, which is rare in the metrology field.
Multi-instrument architecture
Ultra takes full advantage of client / server technology and powers all Taylor Hobson hardware devices including the Form Talysurf series of instruments and the Talyrond roundness measurement system.
■Operators familiar with Ultra can easily operate multiple instruments
■No professional, single instrument operator required
■It's easy to transfer knowledge when an operator is promoted or transitioned
■Network suitable for central data storage and output to network printers
Comprehensive analysis
Ultra contains all the important criteria for measuring the geometry of graphics. It also includes all the basic roundness parameters and comes with more advanced analysis tools that are available at an additional cost.
Basic functions include:
■Harmonic analysis
■Hole and edge elimination
Computer aided cardiac leveling
Just follow the on-screen instructions and any operator can quickly and correctly align and level the parts. In the process, the dynamic screen display shows the operator the exact position of the sensor head. Through continuous practice, high-speed work can be achieved. Ultra can ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
Programmable measurement program
The entire measurement process can be programmed whether in semi-automatic, manual or automatic mode. This ensures that each step is performed in the correct order and that the filters, parameters, and evaluation methods are always the same.

Ultra provides strong support for Form Talysurf series of surface roughness measurement systems
Ultra provides strong support for the Talyrond roundness and cylindricity measurement system
Ultra training simplifies and eliminates the need for professional, unique system operators
Cylindricity analysis with Talyrond 131
Computer aided heart leveling is powered by Ultra software

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