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SURTRONIC S100 Series Robust and Portable Surface Roughness Testers

Taylor Hobson Portable SURTRONIC S100 series is a range of surface roughness testers robust enough for the shop floor and flexible enough for any inspection room.

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Surtronic S100 series: Tough, fast and reliable handheld roughness testers...

Durable roughness testers for shop floor, industrial & inspection room applications

1) Fast and reliable

Simply press the measurement button and in a few seconds a full set of traceable measurment results including a detailed profile graph will be displayed or printed automatically, printer optional.

2) Built to last, by design...

Impact resistant rubberised moulding surround a recessed, Mylar protected high durability touch screen and a solid stainless steel drive mechanism with anti-wear gears and bearings. System power is provided by a 3000 mAh heavy duty Li-Poly battery that can provide up to 2000 measurements from a single charge.

3) InstantOn

By utilising InstantOn technology these instruments are ready to measure in less than 1 second from standby and fully charged can remain in standby for more than 5000 hours.

4) In situ measurements

Monitor wear and roughness changes in situ during product's life. Eg. Monitoring changes in turbine blade roughness as an early warning sign for defects and efficiency losses.

5) User-friendly, not user-hostile!

The Surtronic S -100 series system are as easy to use as any SatNav (GPS) or SmartPhone with a 4.3'' daylight readable industrial touch screen display. Results are displayed with up to 7 parameters per page as well as measurement settings and system information.
Test Stand of SURTRONIC S100 Series Robust and Portable Surface Roughness Testers

Fully integrated surface roughness measurement solution

By selecting a Surtronic S-100 series stand and printer (see 'Accessories' page) a fully integranted roughness measurement station can be realised. Roughness measurements can be easily made on multiple parts, results stored internally or on a standard USB menory device and printed to accompany the part to its next stage of manufacture or end user.
Working status of SURTRONIC S100 Series Robust and Portable Surface Roughness Testers Curved surface roughness measuring of SURTRONIC S100 Series Robust and Portable Surface Roughness Testers

Features of SURTRONIC S100 Series Robust and Portable Surface Roughness Testers

1) Any surface, any height

The inclusion of a 50 mm stylus lift with right-angle attachment and more than 70mm stylus reach means that even the most challenging surfaces can be measured without the need for expensive riser blocks, stands or fixtures. The anti-slip V-feet also mean the system can be used on flat or curved surfaces. The stylus can even measure upside down.

2) Standards and traceability

The reference standard supplied can be used both to calibrate the instrument and check for stylus wear to ensure the most accurate results and always being achieved.
Surtronic S100 is used on flat or curved surfaces 70mm stylus reach for hole internal surface roughness testing Surtronic S100 Calibration Standards and traceabilit

3) UKAS Calibration and Testing

Taylor Hobson provides full certification for artefacts and instrument in our purpose built ISO graded clean room UKAS facility. Our UKAS laboratory is able to measure all of the parameters associated with surface texture, including French, Geaman, USA, abd Japanese derivatives.

TalyProfile software for surface roughness measurement

1) Advanced surface finish analysis

Talyprofile is a dedicated PC based sofeware package designed for use with Surtronic S-100 series instruments, Three versions are available. Talyprofile "Lite" has all functions typically used for a shopfloor inspection, Talyprofile "Sliver" has enhanced features for R&W parameters a statistics module and full report printing and Talyprofile "Gold" has complete laboratory analysis functions.

2) Outstanding graphics

The software is visually advanced and provides clear on screen profile images. Talyprofile allows the user to take a basic measurment and create a full measurement report using the software's detailed analysis options and desktop publishing function (see screen displays opposite for examples).

3) Advanced time-saving analysis templates

A 'template' can be created whereby a sequence of analysis functions can be saved and applied to future measurements, turning detailed reporting tasks into routine documents.

4) Desktop publishing facility

Talyprofile offers a comprehensive desk top publishing function which allows clear presentation of measurements, results and profiles. Graphs, profile and results can be arranged from within the Talyprofile software or copied into other wordprocessing documents giving complete flexibility in reporting.

5) In depth analysis

Profile can be levelled and zoomed to remove unwanted feasures or defects from the analysis. Distance measurement between feasures of a profile are easily achieved and the information can be displayed graphically and numerically. Step height and the area of a valley or peak can also be calculated.

6) Full compatibility

Surface finish results from other Taylor Hobson surface roughness instruments can be imported to Talyprofile software. allowing a uniform report style to be used throughout your workshop or laboratory.

7) Talyprofile parameters

Roughness parameters obtained by filtering: Ra, Rq, Rt, Rp, Ry, Rku, Rsk, RSm, Rz, RΔq, RTp, RHTp, Rlo, RΔq, RPC, RzJIS, R3z.
Parameters on the raw profile(unfiltered): Pa, Pq, Pt, Pp, Pv, Pku, Psk, PSm, Pz, PΔq, PΔq, PTp, PHTp, PLo, PPc.
Parameters obtained by double filtering (DIN 4776): Rk, Rpk, Rvk, MR1, MR2, A1, A2, Rpk, Rvk
Parameters obtained by the motifs method (“R&W”)*: R, AR, Pt, Rx, SR, SAR, Nr, Kr, W, AW, Wte, Wx, SW, SAW, Nw, Kw, Rke, Rpke, Rvke, Trc, HTrc.
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