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PRINCE775 Dual Color Laser Handheld 3D Scanner

The PRINCE series handheld dual-color laser 3D scanner uses the waveband depth-of-field technology, which overturns the traditional handheld 3D scanner's working mode, and the dual-mode mode can easily meet various application scenarios.

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Introduction of PRINCE series:
PRINCE series hand-held laser 3D laser scanner, using multiple line beam lasers to obtain 3D point clouds on the surface of the object, the operator can hold the device in his hand, and can adjust the distance and angle between the instrument and the measured object in real time , The operation is flexible, convenient and simple to learn.
When scanning large-volume objects, it can cooperate with the global photogrammetry system to eliminate cumulative errors and improve the accuracy of global scanning.
The scanner can be easily carried to an industrial site or a production workshop, and can perform efficient and accurate scanning according to the size and shape of the scanned object and the working conditions of the scanning environment.

Working principle:
1) The two sets of cameras on the instrument can respectively obtain the laser light projected on the scanned object. The laser light deforms with the shape of the object. Since the two sets of cameras are accurately calibrated in advance, the line shape projected by the laser line can be calculated Three-dimensional information
2) The instrument determines the spatial positions of the scanner during the scanning process according to the visual mark points fixed on the surface of the detected object, and these spatial positions are used for spatial position conversion;
3) Using the linear three-dimensional information obtained in step 1 and the spatial relative position of the scanner in step 2, when the scanner moves, continuously acquire three-dimensional information of the position passed by the laser to form continuous three-dimensional data;
4) The scanner can use six cross-red laser scans or five parallel blue laser scans, which correspond to fast scans and very fine scans, respectively, and the two scan mode files are in the same coordinate system without subsequent stitching.

PRINCE series handheld laser 3D scanners can be applied in the following industries:
? Automotive
? Aerospace Ship
? Wind and Hydro
? Mold manufacturing
? Casting inspection

? Construction Machinery
? Design Inspection
? Architectural Relics and Sculpture
? Universities and research institutes

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