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Coordinate measuring machine

The coordinate measuring machine is widely used in machinery, electronics, instrumentation, plastics and other industries. A coordinate measuring machine is one of the most effective methods for measuring and obtaining dimensional data, because it can replace a variety of surface measuring tools and expensive combined gauges, and reduce the time required for complex measuring tasks from hours to minutes. The effect that other instruments can't achieve.

Global Mini Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machine

The Global mini is a smaller version of Global, with only one 03.04.03 model, designed for small-sized workpieces. At the same time, because its body size is small, the accuracy is higher than that of the ordinary Global measuring machine. It is a good choice for small size (such as watch parts, mobile phone components) and high-precision workpiece inspection.


Hexagon pipe fitting inspection program

ROMER pipe fitting detection system is a portable non-contact pipe fitting detection system in the current market. In addition to directly installing pipelines, pipelines, hoses, etc. next to the production line, it can also provide processing parameters and correction value data for pipe bending equipment.


Hexagon Compact Absolute Arm Measuring Machine

The Compact Absolute Arm Measuring Machine provides a very good measurement solution for contact measurement of small components. It can be placed on the inspection platform of the workshop or directly in the CNC machining center. The Compact absolute arm measuring machine enhances the new height of the measuring machine portability and ease of use.


Hexagon 7-axis Absolute Arm Measuring Machine

The Hexagon 7-Axis Absolute Arm combines trigger-based measurements with laser scanning with a variety of advanced designs and features, making it a smart choice for portable high-end scanning and measurement applications.


Hexagon 6-axis absolute arm measuring machine

Professional contact measuring equipment with an entry-level 3D scanning option – the 6-axis absolute arm measuring machine has this performance, which is designed for move and use purposes, with unique technology at each joint Absolute encoders, which have led to high measurement accuracy on the market.


GLOBAL S Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machine

The GLOBAL S coordinate measuring machine continues the classic mechanical mechanism and reliable quality of the Global measuring machine family, precision triangular beams, integral dovetail guides, all-aluminum frame, open measuring space, remote motor and special The grating system fully guarantees the stability of the measuring machine and the system resolution.


Romer 71 Series Absolute Articulated Arm Measuring Machine

The 71 Series is a cost-effective portable measuring machine available in both 2.5 and 3.5 meter ranges. With a precision of 50 microns and a weight of only 7.9 kilograms, and compatible with all major metrology software, it is an application-wide, flexible field measurement tool that provides a new metrology solution for a wider range of industries.


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