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Physical & Chemical Analysis

Physicochemical analysis or instrumental analysis is an analytical method based on physical or physical chemical principles and the physical or physicochemical properties of a substance. It is also an analytical method based on measuring the physical properties of a substance. Therefore, compared with chemical analysis, it can also be called "physical analysis method" or "physical chemical analysis method".


A spectrometer is a device that measures the intensity of different wavelength positions of a line by means of a photodetector such as a photomultiplier tube. OES consists of an entrance slit, a dispersion system, an imaging system and one or more exit slits. The dispersive element separates the electromagnetic radiation of the radiation source into a desired wavelength or wavelength region and performs intensity measurement at a selected wavelength (or scanning a certain wavelength band).


Portable Hardness Tester

Portable hardness testers are used for installed mechanical or permanent assembly parts and are easy to carry. Mainly divided into portable Leeb hardness tester, portable Rockwell hardness tester, portable Brinell hardness tester and so on.


Automatic Hardness Tester

Austrian EMCOTEST has more than 50 years of professional R&D and production experience in the field of automatic hardness testing. As a leader in innovative technology in the field of hardness, the company has Rockwell hardness tester, fully automatic micro Vickers hardness tester and fully automatic Blowwell hardness tester.


Material Testing Machine

The material testing machine is a precise testing instrument for measuring the mechanical properties, process performance, internal defects and dynamic unbalance of the rotating parts of metal materials, non-metal materials, mechanical parts, engineering structures, etc. under various conditions and environments.


Metallurgical Equipment

Metallographic sample preparation equipment includes metallographic polishing machine, metallographic pre-grinding machine, metallographic grinding and polishing machine, metallographic cutting machine, metallographic grinding machine, metallographic spectrum abrasive belt grinding machine, metallographic inlay machine, metallographic microscope, metallographic grinding machine and other equipments.


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