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Roundness Measuring System

A revolutionary concept in automated Roundness measuring and Cylindricity inspection.

Surtronic R100 Series

High speed roundness measurement systems for the bearings industry


Talyrond 565-585XL large roundness measuring instrument

This instrument was developed on the basis of Taylor's very popular Talyrond 565 series instruments. This series of instruments is particularly popular for the measurement of large-size bearings and asymmetrically rotating workpieces.


Talyrond 450 Large Roundness Measuring Instrument

This series of instruments is designed for the power transmission industry and the machine tool industry. The instrument includes a rotating measuring head that can be moved up and down on the column. The use of a rotating measuring head allows the manufacturer to measure the roundness of prismatic or non-rotationally symmetrical parts such as cylinder blocks, crankshafts and cylinder heads.


TalyMaster Multi-Part High Precision Roundness Tester

TalyMaster pioneered a new measurement concept, a fully automatic inspection system integrating roughness, roundness and contour measurement.


Talyrond 595 High Precision Roundness Measuring Instrument

All axes of the Talyrond 595H have been precision-machined, and the software's automatic correction function has been enhanced to give the TR595H unparalleled straightness and roundness accuracy. The centering and leveling console is equipped with a high-resolution motor, which further enhances accuracy and fully automatic target setting.


Talyrond 585H series high precision roundness measuring instrument

Talyrond 585H is a fully automatic roundness / cylindricity measuring instrument with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. There are 6 versions to choose from, with the right automation balance and the ability to adapt to various applications.


Talyrond 565 Roundness Measuring Instrument

The Talyrond 500H series is unsurpassed in speed and position control making it the ideal system for high volume precision components.


Talyrond 131C Efficient Cylindricity Measuring Instrument

Talyrond 131C is an economical roundness cylindricality measurement system. Both the lateral arm axis and longitudinal arm axis have automatic control capabilities.


Talyrond 130 Economical High Precision Roundness Measuring Instrument

Powerful roundness measurement system for production workshop, specially designed for high-throughput production environments that require high-speed and accurate measurement. This system uses an air bearing spindle with manual centering and leveling functions.


Surtronic R50-R80 Series Roundness Measurement System

Taylor Hobson Surtronic R50-R80 Series Roundness Measurement System is a range of roundness products robust enough for the shop floor but accurate for any inspection room.


Talyrond 400H Series Cylindrometer

The new Talyrond 400H roundness measuring instrument uses rotary, vertical and horizontal measuring datums to replicate the movement of the machine tool to accurately contour the shape of the workpiece. This high-precision simulation of the cutter path gives you precise control over the production process.


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