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Thickness Measurement

Thickness gauges are instruments used to measure the thickness of materials and objects. It is commonly used in industrial production to measure the thickness of products (such as steel plates, steel strips, films, paper, metal foils, etc.) continuously or sampled.

MiniTest 725/735/745 Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

The new MiniTest 725, 735, and 745 series combine accuracy and flexibility. All models in the new series come with a Bluetooth interface to wirelessly transfer data to a computer, tablet or smartphone.


Multi-coat Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge QuintSonic

QuintSonic uses advanced ultrasonic sensing technology and innovative software to achieve high-precision simultaneous measurement of up to 5 coatings. Suitable for paint, enamel and plastic coatings on plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, glass substrates.


SmartTest Smart Wireless Film Thickness Sensor

SmarTest's SIDSP smart sensor for measuring coating thickness combines the advantages of modern wireless technology with excellent accuracy against interference. The sensor data is transmitted to the tablet, smartphone app or coating thickness gauge MiniTest 745 via Bluetooth.


Mechanical coating thickness gauge: MikroTest

MIKROTEST coating thickness gauge, measuring the thickness of all non-magnetic coatings on steel (such as paint, powder coating, plastic, zinc, copper, tin and nickel).


FMP10 Handheld Coating Thickness Gauge

The FMP10-FMP40 series of hand-held coating thickness measurement devices provide accurate measurement results and a wide range of measurement techniques for a high degree of flexibility.


Germany Fischer coating thickness gauge Dualscope MP0

Compact, portable and durable: Fischer's MP0 series of non-destructive thickness gauges measure the thickness of the coating quickly and accurately to meet the customer's expectations for Fischer's consistent accuracy.


EPK MiniTest 7400FH wall thickness measurement gauge

EPK MiniTest 7400 FH is a portable thickness measurement tool that accurately measures materials up to 10mm thick. The portable and compact form factor allows it to be operated at the production site and in the laboratory.


Fischer FMP20 magnetic induction coating thickness gauge

FMP20 flexiblely uses magnetic induction (Delta), eddy current method (Iso) or both methods (Dual), non-destructive and high-precision measurement of coating. Fischer FMP20 magnetic induction coating thickness gauge is advanced, durable and user-friendly, with interchangeable probes for a wide range of measurement applications.


COULOSCOPE CMS2 multi-coating thickness Instrument

Coulometric method is an simple and easy electrochemical analysis for determining thickness of a metal coating or multi-coatings. COULOSCOPE CMS2 Coulometric multi-coating thickness Instrument is mainly used to check plating layer, now also suitable for monitoring thickness of remaining pure tin on printed circuit board.


DeltaScope FMP30 Coating thickness Gauge

The DELTASCOPE FMP30 coating thickness gauge is an ideal handheld instrument for measuring dry non-ferromagnetic metal coatings e.g. Cr, Cu, Zn, as well as paint, varnish, lacquer, powder coating, enamel or plastic coatings on ferrous base materials (F) i.e. steel and iron.


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