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Surface Hardening Depth (SHD) Nondestructive Testing Support


The external service provided by Shanghai LAB GAGES, for the inductive quenching Surface Hardening Depth (SHD) non-destructive measurement, can completely avoid the loss caused by the traditional open-cut damage measurement of the heat-treated parts, and greatly improve the detection efficiency, and can also achieve a large number of full inspection piece by piece.

LAB GAGES has a professional and experienced measurement team. It adopts the high-precision multi-channel hardened layer depth non-destructive measuring instrument developed by the German IZFP to quickly and accurately evaluate a large number of components, which can solve the problem of nondestructive measurement of the depth of various heat treatment hardened layers.
The external measurement of the hardening depth of the induction hardening heat treatment can save your high equipment purchase cost, the cost of configuration professionals, and equipment maintenance costs. For those who do not need to measure the effective hardened layer depth frequently,It is an ideal choice to choose our professional non-destructive measurement services.

So far, LAB GAGES has carried out successful non-destructive measurement services with a number of precision bearings, slewing bearings, wind power, construction machinery, auto parts manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, mold manufacturing, etc. Process monitoring and on-line inspection of hardened parts during service, such as crankshafts, camshafts, cam stators, bearings, gears and other hardened parts.

If you have the following commissioned measurement requirements, please contact us:

? Detection of large and unsuitable parts and assemblies (such as slewing bearings, precision bearings, crankshafts, etc.)
? Need for full inspection of multiple parts at the processing and assembly site (heat treatment workshop, assembly shop, etc.)
? The new process of heat treatment is tested to adjust the process in time.
? Non-destructive testing of in-service parts
? Small workpiece can be sampled and detected
? For units such as factories that do not have hardened layer depth testing equipment but require batch measurement
?Non-destructive measurement under special conditions
Various Portable SHD nondestructive testing systems

The surface hardened layer depth nondestructive measurement service has the following brief features:

-- Efficient
-- High accuracy
-- Reasonable charge

LAB GAGES uses the German quench hardened layer depth nondestructive measuring instrument. The testing service engineer will select the appropriate measuring plan according to the characteristics of the workpiece to be tested and the actual situation on site to provide you with accurate and economical non-destructive measurement service for quench hardened layer depth.
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