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LAB GAGES successfully completed the participation of CSITF in 2019


Fraunhofer and LAB GAGES jointly particitated the 7th China International Technology Import and Export Fair held on April 18-20, 2019 in Shanghai. With the core concept of "Technology, Let Life Be More Exciting" and the theme of "innovation-driven development, protection of intellectual property rights and promotion of technology trade", CSITF aims to actively promote the development of technology trade by integrating scientific and technological strength and innovation at China and abroad.

From April 18 to 20, 2019, the 7th China (Shanghai) International Technology Import and Export Fair (CSITF) was successfully held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. With the theme of "Technology, Make Life More Exciting" and the theme of "Innovation Drives Development, Protects Intellectual Property, Promotes Technology Trade", the Shanghai International Trade Fair aims to actively promote technology by integrating domestic and foreign scientific and technological strengths and innovations. Trade development, promote the platform for the authoritative display, exchange and service of the innovation and upgrading strategy.

The Shanghai International Trade Fair invited Fujian Province to serve as the host city, and invited the city of Saarland and Liverpool to serve as the host city as well. Focus on artificial intelligence, life sciences and other fields, and carry out trade negotiations, technical docking and other activities. The exhibition targets domestic and foreign universities, famous research institutes and related multinational corporations. Fraunhofer and LAB GAGES jointly participated in the exhibition as an exhibitor of the German Institute of Nondestructive Testing Technology.

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The German Institute of Non-Destructive Testing Technology is one of the main research institutes in Fraunhofer, Germany, which develops non-destructive testing techniques for component testing, material status, component performance and service life. The research scope includes ultrasonic, eddy current, electromagnetics, micromagnetics, microwave, X-ray detection, tomography, X-ray CT tomography, atomic force microscopy, acoustic emission, thermal imaging, microwave, nuclear magnetic resonance and so on.
The equipment exhibited at this exhibition is 3MA multi-function micro-magnetic measurement system. 3MA is micro-magnetic, multi-parameter, microstructure and stress analysis. It is a comprehensive non-destructive testing technology developed by IZFP for more than 30 years to measure the performance of various materials. It combines four different micromagnetic measurement methods, namely, Barkhausen noise analysis (BN), incremental permeability analysis (Δμ), tangential magnetic field harmonic analysis (HHt), and multi-frequency eddy current analysis (MFE).

3MA System exhibited in CSITF 3MA Testing in CSITF-Shanghai Communicating with visitors Discussion with Expo visitors
3MA technology has excellent analytical evaluation capabilities, taking into account the (metal) structure, material properties and residual stresses in the measurement.
All test data of 3MA are obtained simultaneously in the same measurement step. The measurement speed can reach more than 40 times per second. According to the preset working curve, the system displays the measurement data in real time.
The 3MA measurement process can be fully automated or integrated into the manufacturing process.
The 3MA is fast and can be used to characterize and analyze materials 100% during production tempo or directly after the production step.
The 3MA with so many bright spots attracted customers from many different industries in this fair. There are workers from the automobile manufacturing industry, the steel manufacturing industry and other related universities. They have been communicating with our technical engineers. Technical problems and solutions encountered in the field.
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