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Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft: a very large applied scientific research institution in Europe. The German Institute of Non-Destructive Testing Technology (IZFP) is one of Fraunhofer's main research institutes, developing non-destructive testing techniques for component testing, material status, component performance and service life.
Taylor Hobson
Taylor Hobson is the inventor of surface roughness meters and profilers. Taylor Hobson offers hand-held, portable measuring devices available anywhere, to large measurement systems for precision metrology rooms, and PGI series instruments with world-class precision for research and development.
Hexagon is a provider of planning, measurement and visualization technologies in measuring and locating objects for optimal data processing and presentation. Hexagon Metrology provides a comprehensive range of Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and Absolute arm for industrial metrology, such as automotive, aerospace, energy and medical sectors.
Originated in 1953, CORNING TROPEL is the industry leader in flatness measurement technology and has developed techniques for measuring large-size liquid crystal display (LCD) reticle. Its non-contact flatness measuring device is capable of full surface flatness measurement with fast, repeatable and accurate features to meet the new generation of flatness requirements.
API is a model for solutions in precision measurement and high-precision machining, and an important cooperative brand for manufacturers of automotive, aerospace, machine tools and coordinate measuring instruments by continuously innovating to lead the development of Laser interferometer measurement industry.
Renishaw has always been committed to developing technology to improve its level of accuracy and applicability. Renishaw's innovative sensors for coordinate measuring machines (CMM) cover basic touch-type probes, manual probes, automatic stylus changers, automatic probe exchanges. Renishaw motorized repeatable probes and innovative five-axle measuring systems are in line with industry standards. In addition, a variety of accessories for the probe are also available.
The Helmut Fischer brand has been developing innovative measurement techniques in the areas of coating thickness measurement, material analysis, micro-hardness measurement and material testing for more than 60 years. The product line covers measurement and analytical instruments. Whether it is magnetic induction or eddy current method, Beta ray method, Coulomb electrolysis method, micro hardness method or X-ray fluorescence method, Fischer has mature technology.
ScanTech is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of intelligent visual inspection equipment. It is a professional 3D digital equipment supplier in the industry. ScanTech has a comprehensive 3D digital solution for the system, focusing on the realization of high-precision 3D measurement, including handheld laser 3D scanners, tracking 3D scanners and global photogrammetry systems.
Switzerland Proceq is the inventor of the Leeb dynamic rebound hardness measurement principle, developing high quality portable inspection solutions for many different industries. Proceq continuously creates Swiss-made products that use the latest technology and set industry standards.
Germany's ElektroPhysik (EPK) has been working on the development and research of thickness measurement products since 1954. EPK is a well-known brand in the world that began to produce thickness measuring instruments at an early stage.
BYK testing instruments can effectively measure the color, gloss and appearance of products, as well as the physical properties of paints, plastics and paper products, and play a vital role in product quality management.
Swiss TRIMOS has developed the world's first height and verticality measuring instrument. After more than 40 years of history, TRIMOS has developed a variety of models. There are more than 30 different types of altimeters available in metering and production altimeters, 1D or 2D, manual or motor drives and various heights.
Since 1945, OGP has been leading the world in image measurement technology. OGP technology and measuring systems help customers in more than 60 countries to improve product quality in daily production, widely used in automotive, aerospace, ceramics, medical, electronics, semiconductors, plastics, biomedical, metal processing industries and other areas.
SPECTRO is currently the world's largest manufacturer of atomic emission spectrometers. Since its inception in 1979, spectro has not only inherited the tradition of high-quality optical instrument manufacturing in Germany, but also has been at the leading position in the world of emission spectroscopy technology with its special advanced technology, stable and reliable quality and considerate after-sales service.
FLIR is a pioneer in developing high performance, low cost airborne applications for infrared thermal imaging systems, focusing on the design, development, production and promotion of expertise for enhancing situational awareness. FLIR relies on innovative thermal imaging system, visible light imaging system, positioning system, measurement and diagnostic system, and advanced threat detection system to incorporate innovative sensing solutions into everyday production and life.
Olympus has introduced various types of portable ultrasonic flaw detectors and portable eddy current flaw detectors. This series of products is used in many fields. Olympus includes NDT inspection from weld inspection to crack detection, void detection, pore detection, or any irregularities inside metal, plastic, ceramic, and synthetic materials.
Since Everest developed the world's first industrial video endoscope in 1984, Everest industrial endoscope products have always been at the forefront of technological development in this field. With reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service guarantee, it has always become a recognized brand in this field.
EMCOTEST has more than 50 years of professional R&D and production experience in the field of hardness testing. As a leader in innovative technology in the field of hardness, the company has Rockwell hardness tester, fully automatic micro Vickers hardness tester and fully automatic Brinell hardness tester.
Werth has focused on the development of multi-sensor hybrid optical coordinate measuring machines for more than 60 years. Widely used in mold manufacturing, automotive electronics, precision machining, plastics, military aerospace, materials, ships, medical equipment. The entire process eliminates the need for special fixtures and complex programming to meet efficient and fast batch inspection.
As a high-tech innovative brand in the field of material testing machines, TENSON testing machine is widely used in aerospace, universities, research institutes, metrological inspection, metal materials and products, petrochemical, vehicle manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, metallurgical mining and many other industries and fields.
Shangcai specializes in the production of various types of metal and non-metal hardness testers. The company develops digital Brinell, digital microscopy, digital display Vickers, digital display Rockwell hardness tester, a total of more than 30 varieties, product innovation, special, technical energy ranks in the forefront of China. The products are sold well in China, and export international markets such as Europe, America, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. SHANGCAI is favored by domestic and foreign merchants.
It is a professional enterprise specializing in the development, design, manufacture and sales of “Yuzhou” brand metallographic sample preparation equipment. The company currently produces five major categories, ten varieties, nearly forty specifications, the products are sold well all over the country, welcomed by the majority of users.
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