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PRINCE335 handheld 3D scanner

The PRINCE series handheld 3D scanners have solved the major pain points in the industry. Its unique red and blue laser dual-mode working mode has promoted the use of handheld 3D scanners to be more portable, flexible and efficient, while making the photographic 3D scanners feature high resolution and high detail. Scanning objects as large as an airplane and as small as a coin can be easily handled, which is the best choice for the current 3D inspection industry.

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The PRINCE series handheld dual-color laser 3D scanner uses the world's first wave depth-of-field technology, overturning the traditional handheld 3D scanner's working mode. The dual-mode mode can easily respond to various application scenarios, and integrates Sikan Technology Accumulated high-efficiency image graphics algorithms and powerful data post-processing functions. This stand-alone tester does not require additional display devices, cables, or computer hardware. With its lightweight and compact design, BAMBINO is ideal for quality control, incoming inspection and full product testing. Its easy-to-use user interface and practical functions make BAMBINO an ergonomic integrated rebound hardness tester.

The PRINCE series has two distinct 3D scanners with different working modes. It adopts the principle of two-color laser for breakthrough design and development. It fully utilizes the characteristics of high adaptability of red laser and low noise of blue laser Integration.

Extreme details:
The resolution is as small as 0.02mm, which is five times the detail resolution of currently imported handheld 3D scanners, which greatly improves the detail of scanning 3D data. The blue-ray scanning mode completely destroys the handheld 3D scanners on the market.
Dual-mode operation:
RED standard scan mode and BLUE fine scan mode, the two working modes can be quickly switched in real time. Among them, the RED standard scanning mode inherits the functions and effects of traditional handheld laser 3D scanning; and the BLUE fine scanning mode has the characteristics of very good 3D feature details of top-mounted photo-type 3D scanners. At the same time, the data obtained by scanning in the above two working modes can be integrated into the same file, taking into account the overall efficiency and local details of a single scan.
High-speed scanning:
The working speed of the scanner camera's 120fps (frame / second) is 2 times higher than the frame rate of the mainstream handheld scanners currently on the market.

Main feature
● Six beams of red cross line laser scanning, fast scanning speed; single beam of red line laser scanning, can quickly obtain 3D data of deep holes and dead angles;
● Five beams of blue parallel line laser scanning with good scanning detail;
● The above several working modes can be switched in real time through the instrument buttons, and the scanning data of various modes are in the same coordinate system three-dimensional data, and no subsequent stitching is required;
● The scanned object can be moved without fixing;
● Automatic positioning of target points, no additional robotic arm or other tracking equipment required;

● Instrument interface: The signal and power cord are integrated in the same industrial connector, that is, there is only one interface between the instrument and the cable to ensure stability and convenience;
● Two high-resolution image acquisition units and a set of laser transmitters for clearer and more accurate scanning;
● The point cloud has no layering and automatically generates 3D solid graphics (triangular mesh surface);
● Scan by hand and carry it with you, the weight is less than one kilogram;
● Can scan inside and outside, also can scan in narrow space, such as aircraft cockpit, car interior dashboard, etc. are not limited. At the same time, multiple scanning devices can work and scan at the same time, all data are in the same coordinate system, and no subsequent stitching is required;
● Taking into account the portable, flexible and efficient scanning with high detail and resolution, the application range is very wide, from a plane to a coin can be easily scanned;
● The size of the scanned file can be controlled through the selection of point cloud density, and different parts can be scanned in combination according to the details requirements;
● The external environment has little effect on scanning accuracy, and can work normally even in direct sunlight;
● It can be easily handled from the car paint mirror surface to the black object surface. In most cases, it is not necessary to spray the development enhancer.

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